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Proficy HMI / SCADA

GE Improves Systems: Use iFix to Boost Productivity and Reduce Costs

Efficient Operators using Modern HMI/SCADA | Thumbnail | AutomationWorld

Enter the world of the today’s plants:

  • Aging infrastructures
  • Greater productivity challenges
  • Retiring experienced workers
  • Younger workers with faster turnover
  • Tighter budgets as profitability pressures rise
  • Increasing internal and external regulations

What’s more, with budget restrictions, resources for plant systems are often limited, making it difficult to carry out infrastructure modernization, expansion, and technology upgrades.

The good news is the technology and solutions are here. They revolutionize what’s possible for today’s industrial organizations. By modernizing your existing HMI/SCADA system, you can have High Performance visualization, real-time information when and where you need it, and the ability to connect the dots between your data, leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT).

Read this Automation World ebook to understand how modern HMI/SCADA systems – where machines, data, insights and people are connected – can improve your operation efficiencies, reducing costs and improving productivity.

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