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Proficy Orchestration Hub

GE Digital Proficy 2022 Webinar Series: Proficy Orchestration Hub

Proficy Orchestration Hub | GE Digital | Smart Factory software

Increase throughput with accurate manufacturing product data across the enterprise with GE Digital's Proficy Orchestration Hub.

Uncertain supply chains and constant product innovation introduce variability and inefficiencies into daily manufacturing processes. With more products and/or regulatory standards, production gets out of sync with the latest product manufacturing information, resulting in lower quality, increased waste, and operations headaches.

Fill in the form to watch this webinar and explore how Proficy Orchestration Hub enables you to stay in synch the constant updates to product manufacturing information.


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Proficy Orchestration Hub helps increase throughput for manufacturers
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Proficy Orchestration Hub

Maximize efficiency, flexibility and output with orchestrated, up-to-date manufacturing product data management

GE Digital's MES software for manufacturers helps optimize operationsGE Digital's MES software for manufacturers helps optimize operations
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Reach manufacturing excellence through Industrial IoT insights and intelligence.

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Improve efficiency, production management and quality with a proven, modular MES for process, discrete and mixed manufacturing data.

Let GE Digital show you how to improve your operations with Proficy Orchestration Hub