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Decarbonization Impact for Power Generation Industry: A Success Case with GE Digital

What does decarbonization mean to the power generation industry | Webinar | GE Digital

Watch as industry expert John Korsedal, GE Digital, discusses the impact of decarbonization in the power generation industry and how these trends are driving a mix of more decentralized assets over large geographic areas in this webinar from Power Magazine.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How this new asset mix and decentralization trend is changing the operation and maintenance of these assets
  • Best practices observed in the industry in adaptation of tools allowing for them to navigate these changes from both an operations and a maintenance perspective.
  • Managing O&M cost and maintaining other KPI’s while empowering the workforce.

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The great energy transition has begun. GE Digital offers effective, sustainable power generation solutions to help you meet the demands of today and tomorrow. Whatever your energy goals, our domain expertise, applications and people can help you thrive in the energy transition space. That’s not rhetoric - that’s our legacy and promise. 

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