Step 3. Enter Attribute Values

About this task

You can create an attribute list for a new item or modify it for an existing item through a LIST_EDIT.cim screen.

Screen features and options are as follows.

Feature/Option Description
A Order Item ID of new or selected order item.
B Group Group that includes the selected attribute list.
C Attribute Lists Each column is an attribute in the selected group. All attributes that do not allow NULL values need to have at least one entry.
D Toolbar buttons Add New
Delete Deletes a selected row or rows.
Save Saves the screen and adds new values to the TADB database.
Cancel Cancels your entries.
Select All Selects all the rows on the Attribute List screen.
Clear Selected Clears the selected values.
E Value Entry fields Screen opened:
The first time. Each writable field corresponds to the column underneath it. Your entry will be added to the:
  • CimView list when you click
  • Attribute column in the TADB when you click Save.
For edit. The values for the item's attributes in the TADB database display when you open the Attribute List. You can continue adding more attributes the same way you do for a new screen.
guide: Guidelines


  1. Use the Backspace key then type in new values to correct or change entries in the order you are creating.

    Note: You can use this method to create new orders without exiting the Create Order screen.

  2. Do not use the number pad to enter numbers; use the keyboard numbers.