Step 3. Adding a Virtual Directory


  1. From the left panel expand Sites, then right-click Default Web Site and select Add Virtual Directory.
  2. In the Add Virtual Directory dialog, enter bqm in the Alias field, and then navigate and select the following path to display the path in the Physical Path field:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Proficy\Proficy 
     CIMPLICITY\Web Pages\bqm
  3. Click Connect as to configure credentials for users with access to the bqm folder.
  4. Click Set to open the Set Credentials dialog, then enter the specified user information and Click OK.
  5. (Optional) When the Add Virtual Directory dialog reappears, click Test Settings.

    NOTE:  If the user name is not recognized, or if you enter an incorrect password, you receive an error message.

  6. Select Default Web Site from the left panel, then click Basic Settings under Actions on the far right.
  7. In the Edit Site dialog, for Application Pool, click Select and choose the BQM application pool (BQMAppPool in this example).
  8. (Optional) Click Test Settings to validation user access.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Open a browser and enter the URL for the BQM login page (for example, http://localhost/bqm/main/login.asp).

    The BQM login page should open in the browser.

  11. Enter the User ID and Password from Step 4, then select a project and click Login.

      The Broadcast Queue Manager user interface should open in your browser.