Required Files Location for Process Systems with CIMPLICITY

CIMPLICITY installs the following required Process Systems files in the following Installation folder.

...Program Files\Proficy\Proficy CIMPLICITY\Classes\PPS

Item Folder/File Description
1 Faceplate folder Contains runtime only CimView files that contain Mimic object definitions.
2 *.soc files. Function block class files
3 PPS_LIBRARY.cmsrt PPS runtime-only CimEdit scripts. Note: By default, the GSM_GLOBAL_SCRIPT global parameter will point to the PPS_LIBRARY.cmsrt for the Process Systems installation.
4 ppsfaceplates.cache A cache file that is used with the /loadcache command line option of CimView. PPSfaceplates.cache contains all the faceplates file names and locks them in the cache. It is a plain text file may speed performance when working with the PPS faceplates. However, it is not required.