Glossary of Terms

Term Definition
Abs. Error Absolute magnitude of the difference between the PID setpoint and process variable.
ADV_PID Advanced PID
AI Analog Input
ALARM_A Analog alarm
ALARM_D Discrete Alarm
Algorithm A step-by-step problem-solving procedure, especially an established, recursive computational procedure for solving a problem in a finite number of steps.
AO Analog Output
Auto mode Enables the device to be commanded from logic. Note: The mode can be changed while the Controller runs.
DC2S Device Control 2 State
DC3S Device Control 3 State
Debouncing Ensures that only a single signal will be acted upon for a single opening or closing of a contact.
DI Discrete Input
DO Discrete Output
Forced data Overrides the PV value with a user specified value.
IND_A HMI Analog Indication
IND_D HMI Discrete Indication
Inhibition Logic within the control program to suppress  faults or alarms automatically.
Interlock Prevents the device from running; high temperature interlock for a motor.
Local setpoint mode The PID setpoint can be changed from HMI faceplate only.
Locked mode The logic has locked the mode into either manual or automatic. It cannot be changed through the faceplate.
Lock out The device is being serviced and is unsafe for operation.
Magnitude of Error Absolute magnitude of the difference between the PID setpoint and process variable.
Manual mode Enables the state transition commands to come from the operator SCADA or Engineering Workstation when online to the Controller.
MANUAL_SP HMI Manual Setpoint
OP Output.
Parallel (Algorithm) PID terms are calculated independently in parallel to one another.
PBUTTON HMI Discrete Pushbutton
Pct. Error Absolute value of the ratio of the error to the span of the process variable. (ABS(SP-PV)/PX-PN)*100.0)
PV Process variable.
RAMPSOAK Ramp Soak Setpoint Generator.
Remote setpoint mode The PID setpoint is generated in logic and cannot be changed in the faceplate.
ROC Rate of change.
Selectable mode The mode (manual or auto) can be changed through the faceplate.
Series (Algorithm) The PID terms are dependent on one another and combined in series.
SP PID setpoint
Suppressed The user suppresses the alarm generation within the HMI system.
TOTALIZE Totalized Flow Rate