Step 5. Revise the Global Object/Faceplate Colors

About this task

The Proficy System Objects and faceplates have default colors. If the colors do not match your system's schema they can be changed globally in the RGB.dat file.

  • Rgb.dat location.
  • Default PPS global colors

Rgb.dat Location


  1. Select C:\Program Files\Proficy\Proficy CIMPLICITY\data\


    C:\Program Fies\Proficy\Proficy CIMPLICITY is the default location.

  2. Open the rgb.dat file in a text editor, e.g. Notepad.
  3. Edit the RGB index so the colors conform to your system's specifications.
    Note: If you do a search for rgb.dat in the Proficy CIMPLICITY directory, a file will be found that is located in the ...\classes\pps folder. This is not the copy that CIMPLICITY uses. Save this copy as a backup, in case you need to revert to the default.

    Default PPS Global Colors

    Mimic Object(s) State Default Color Index #
    OP >= Color Animation Criterion Green 100
    OP >= Color Animation Criterion - Shading DarkGreen 101
    OP < Color Animation Criterion Red 102
    OP < Color Animation Criterion - Shading DarkRed 103
    State 0 Active Red 110
    State 0 Active - Shading DarkRed 111
    State 1 Active Green 112
    State 1 Active - Shading DarkGreen 113
    State 2 or 3 Active Green 114
    State 2 or 3 Active - Shading DarkGreen 115
    In Transition White 116
    In Transition - Shading DarkGrey 117
    Fault Yellow 118
    Fault - Shading Khaki 119
    Normal State Red 120
    Normal State - Shading DarkRed 121
    Indicative State Green 122
    Indicative State - Shading DarkGreen 123
    On State Green 124
    On State - Shading DarkGreen 125
    Off State Red 126
    Off State - Shading DarkRed 127
    All Mimic Objects
    TagName??? ???