External Alarm State Management API Contents

The following is a list of all files distributed with the Alarm Management API. The files are loaded into the directories indicated. The environment variable %BSM_ROOT% is the directory where the CIMPLICITY software was installed.

Include files in %BSM_ROOT%\api\include\inc_path are:

alarmapi.h cor_thread.h
am_defs.h cor_time.h
am_errors.h ddl.h
amap_defs.h examgr.h
amaru_err.h ipc.hpp
amdd_cmd.h ipcerr.h
amdd_cont.h mf_defs.h
amdd_defs.h mfamupdi.h
amip.h mfpmterm.h
cor.h mfstatus.h
cor_event.h netcom.h
cor_mutex.h rcm.h
cor_os.h rtr_bcst.h
cor_stat.h sc_recs.h

Source files in %BSM_ROOT%\api\amxasmgr are:

makefile amxassample.cpp amxassample_exe.vcxproj

Source files in %BSM_ROOT%\api\lib are:

amaru.lib fasrtl.lib
amip.lib ipc.lib
corutil.lib cim_mf.lib
ddl.lib cim_sc.lib
examgr.lib rcm.lib