Error Codes Returned by AMRP

This section lists the error codes returned by the Alarm Management Resident Process (AMRP). The error messages are located in inc_path/am_errors.h.

Number Defined Constant Description
0 AM_SUCCESS Normal successful completion
1 AM_NONEXISTENT_ALARM_DEF Alarm definition not configured
2 AM_NONEXISTENT_CLASS Alarm class not configured
3 AM_NONEXISTENT_FR Factory resource not configured
4 AM_ROUTE_NONEXISTENT_ROLE Role not configured
5 AM_ALARM_DEF_IN_USE Tried to remove alarm from cache still in use
6 AM_ILLEGAL_SEGMENT Illegal segment type
7 AM_ALREADY_CLEARED Alarm already reset
8 AM_ILLEGAL_CURRENT_STATE Illegal current state
9 AM_ALREADY_ACKNOWLEDGED Alarm already acknowledged
10 AM_ILLEGAL_ACTION Illegal action in update
11 AM_SEQ_NUM_MISMATCH Generation sequence numbers don't match
12 AM_NO_ALARM_OCCURRENCE Alarm does not exist
13 AM_UR_NONEXISTENT_ROLE Role does not exist for User registration
14 AM_ALREADY_LOGGED_IN User already logged in
15 AM_NOT_LOGGED_IN User not logged in
16 AM_UNEXPECTED_CASE Unexpected case
17 AM_ILLEGAL_ALARM_TRANSITION Illegal alarm state transition
18 AM_UNKNOWN_STATE Unknown alarm state
19 AM_ILLEGAL_FILTER Illegal filter
20 AM_TERMINAL_NOT_LOGGED_IN Terminal not logged in
21 AM_NONEXISTENT_ALLOCATED_PROC Allocated process does not exist
22 AM_FIELD_NUM_MISMATCH Number of fields does not match alarm def
23 AM_UNKNOWN_REQUEST Unknown request
24 AM_STATE_CMD_MISMATCH AM command state mismatch
25 AM_UR_CARADD_ERR Communication error with User registration
26 AM_UR_LL_FAILURE Communication to User registration lost
27 AM_IPC_WRITE_PORT_ERR ipc_write_port error
28 AM_IPC_XLATE_ERR ipc_xlate error
29 AM_FIELD_TYPE_MISMATCH Field type does not match alarm def
30 AM_MASTER_SLAVE_DEADLOCK Active / Standby deadlock
31 AM_ALREADY_SLAVE Process is already standby
32 AM_NOT_MASTER Process is not master
33 AM_JRNL_SLAVES_EXIST Standby processes exist
34 AM_JRNL_RECOV_ERR Temporary dump file exists
35 AM_JRNL_UNKNOWN_ERR Unknown state number for recover
36 AM_JRNL_NOT_DATAGRAM Not the regular IPC-buffer is used
37 AM_NO_FRS No resources associated with this alarm manager
39 AM_NO_DEFAULT_SETUP No default setup
40 AM_NONEXISTENT_SETUP Non-existent setup
41 AM_NO_HELP_AVAIL No help file available
42 AM_HFILE_READ_ERR Help file read error
43 AM_INVALID_PRIM_FILTER The primary filter in the setup is invalid
44 AM_DUP_EXTMGR_ALARM Another XASMgr has gen'd this alarm - Can't distinguish
45 AM_INV_EXTMGR_ACTION Requested XASMgr action invalid