Device Communications API Demonstration Application

A demonstration application is distributed with the Device Communications Toolkit API. It is an example of a very simple driver enabler. The demonstration is an application where device memory is simulated. No actual communication with a device is involved, hence no protocol is needed. In this example the device name is TOOLKIT_DEVICE, and there are 7 different types of memory (domains), as follows:

Name Size
REG_PLC 300 words
INP_PLC 128 bytes
OUT_PLC 128 bytes
INOVR_PLC 128 bytes
OUTOVR_PLC 128 bytes
SP_PLC 32 bytes
UL_PLC 300 words

Where 1 word = 2 bytes

The demo may be built and installed as a CIMPLICITY software application as discussed below.

Note: The hardware and software requirements for building the demo program are the same as those for building any driver enabler.