About CIMPLICITY Server or Viewer

The HMI/SCADA CIMPLICITY v2022 splash screen provides links to the core CIMPLICITY installation components and optional applications.

  • You must install CIMPLICITY with a local Windows user account that has administrator rights. See your Windows documentation for details about creating this type of account.

  • You must install Historian using Historian's install media.

  • If SQL Server is required for Viewers to display reported logged point and alarm data, or trend point lines plotting historical data in the Historical Alarm Viewer (HAV) , you must install the SQL Native Client driver that is used on the CIMPLICITY Server for the data to be displayed correctly. For CIMPLICITY 2022, The SQL Native Client driver version is 11.0.

  • If you will be using a supported Historian version that is already installed, do not uninstall it.

    Note: Ensure that your system is updated with the latest Microsoft updates.