Optimize Event Editor Performance

About this task

You can do the following to optimize the performance of the Event Manager:

  • Make entries in the Global Parameters file to change the maximum number of scripts that can run simultaneously, or specify how long an idle thread should remain active.

Event Editor global parameters include:

  • Make entries in the Basic Control Engine points file to cache frequently used points.

Each time a script uses a point, it must retrieve the point's definition. You can use the bce_points.cfg file to pre-load point definitions into the Basic Control Engine for the Event Manager. This can provide a performance boost.

The bce_points.cfg file is an ASCII file that needs to be located in your project's Data directory.

To create the bce_points.cfg file:


  1. Select the Tools>Command Prompt on the Workbench Tools menu.
  2. Type cd %SITE_ROOT%\data.
  3. Type notepad bce_points.cfg.

    Notepad opens with a blank bce_points.cfg file loaded.

  4. Enter all the point IDs that you want to cache, one per line in the file.
  5. Exit Notepad and save the file.
  6. Stop and restart your project to have the caching take effect.