3.1. CimScriptIDE Debugging in Visual Studio

  1. Create a CIMPLICITY event that will trigger the script.
  2. Make sure the CIMPLICITY router is running.
  3. Open Microsoft Visual Studio as an Administrator.
  4. Click File>Open>File on the Visual Studio menu bar.
  5. Find the script in the location you had saved it when you were in the CimScriptIDE editor.
  6. Open the script.
  7. Set the break points and trace points.
  8. Select one of the following on the Visual Studio menu bar.
    • Tools>Attach to Process.
    • Debug>Attach to Process.
  9. Do the following.
    Feature Action
    A Attach to field. Select Managed code.
    B Process list. Select EMRP.exe.
    C Show processes from all users checkbox. (Optional) Check
    D Show processes in all sessions checkbox. (Optional) Check
    E Attach button. Click.

The script will be triggered for debugging.