2.1. CimScriptIDE Editor: Menus

Menus in the CimScriptIDE editor are as follows.

  • File menu.
  • Edit menu.
  • View menu.
  • Run menu.
  • Tools menu.
  • Window menu.
  • Help menu.

File Menu

New Creates a new document for the Program Editor.
Open Opens an existing document for the Program editor.
Close Closes the script.
Save Saves the active document.
Save As Save the script with a different name.
Print Prints the active document
Print Preview Displays the active document as it will be printed
Print Setup Opens the Setup dialog box for the default printer.
Recent Files Displays the list of most recently accessed files.
Exit Exits the Program Editor.

Edit Menu

Undo Undoes actions, beginning with the last action performed.
Redo Redoes the actions that have been undone, beginning with the last undo.
Cut Cuts the selection and puts it on the Clipboard.
Copy Copies the selection and puts it on the Clipboard
Paste Inserts Clipboard contents.

View Menu

Toolbars and Docking Windows Displays the list of available toolbars. You can toggle the display of each toolbar.
Standard Displays the Standard toolbar.
Tools Displays the Tools toolbar.
Class View Displays the CimScriptIDE Editor left-pane.
Output Displays the bottom right pane
Customize Opens the Customize dialog box.
Status Bar Toggles the Status Bar at the bottom of the CimScriptIDE Editor.

Run Menu

Compile Compiles the script.
Start Runs the program
End Ends the running.

Tools Menu

Points Displays a submenu that enables you to browse for points, edit a point, and create a new point. You can also use this menu item to include Setpoints, Getpoints and create local variables in the program.
Browse Opens the Select a Point browser.
Edit Opens a selected point's Properties dialog box.
New Opens a New Point dialog box.
Set Opens a Set Point dialog box.
Get Opens a Get Point dialog box.
Dim Opens a Dimension Point Object dialog box.
Alarms Displays a submenu that lets you generate or update alarms in the program.
Generate Opens a Generate Alarm dialog box.
Update Opens an Update Alarm dialog box.
Log Status Opens a Log Status dialog box enabling you to generate messages for the Status Log.
Dynamic Toggles Dynamic Configuration of points, alarm, etc. Note: When the project is running, dynamic is enabled for users who have been assigned the Dynamic Configuration privilege.

Window Menu

New Window Opens a new window.
Open Windows Displays a list of open windows.
Windows Opens a Windows dialog box.

Help Menu

About CimScriptIDE Opens an About CimScriptIDE message box with details about the distribution number and installed service upgrades.