3.3.1. Open an Event Dialog Box

About this task

Buttons on the events tab enable you to open an Event dialog box for a new or existing event.

  • New event.
  • Existing event.
  • Duplicate event.
Note: You can delete any event by selecting an ID and clicking Delete.

New Event


  1. Click New on the events tab in the Class dialog box.

    The New Event dialog box displays.

  2. Enter a unique name in the Event ID field.

    The Event ID:

    • Is limited to 16 characters.
    • Can be composed of
    • Uppercase alphabetic characters,
    • Numeric characters and
    • Underscores.
    • Must begin with an alphabetic character.

    A blank New Event dialog box opens.

  3. Click OK.

    Result: A New Event dialog box for the new event opens.

    Existing Event Properties

  4. Select an existing event.
  5. Click Properties.

    Result: The Event dialog box with specifications for the existing event opens.

    Duplicate Event

  6. Select an existing event.
  7. Click Duplicate.

    A Duplicate Event dialog box opens.

    The selected source event displays.

  8. Enter a unique name for the Destination event that adheres to the event ID requirements.
  9. Click OK.


A New Event dialog box with specifications for the source event opens.