2.2.1. Open an Expression Dialog Box

About this task

Buttons on the Expressions tab in the Data Item dialog box enable you to open an Expression dialog box for a new or existing Field ID.

  • New Field ID.
  • Existing Field ID
Note: You can delete any field ID by selecting an ID and clicking Delete. If you delete data item expressions in a class, there will not be any changes made to existing data items. They will keep their last values. However, the changes will apply to any new data items you create.

New Field ID


  1. Click New on the Expressions tab in the Data Item dialog box.

    A New Expression dialog box opens.

  2. Select a field ID in the dropdown list.
    Note: If the field has already been configured for the data item, it will not be included in the list.
  3. Click OK.

    Result: An Expression dialog box for the new field ID opens.

    Existing Field Properties

  4. Select an existing field ID.
  5. Click Properties.


The Expression dialog box with specifications for the existing field opens.