2.1. Status Log Columns

The CIMPLICITY Log Viewer screen displays the following information for each record that it finds in the status log file:

Column Description
Date/Time Date and time the message was logged.
Status Type of message. This can be:  "Failure", "Warning" or "Success".
Red Failure
Yellow Warning
Green Success
Process Name of the process that generated the log message.
Procedure Name of the procedure that generated the log message.
Source Symbolic name for the error class.
Code Primary value used by software for expressing the type of error.
Reference Number that can be used to determine the location of the condition that caused the error.
Message Explanation of the condition that caused the log message.
Message Maximum Length 1024 characters (cor_recstat.cl2) Important: The message length in  cor_recstat.clg, which is available in upgraded projects, continues to be 80 characters.
Note: Guidelines
  • The Procedure, Source, Reference, and Code fields are primarily for use by CIMPLICITY support and should be reported if you are contacting CIMPLICITY support for troubleshooting assistance.
  • The list of messages is initially sorted in descending order (newest to oldest) by Date/Time.

You can click on any of the column title buttons to sort the messages alphanumerically by that message attribute.


To view all the messages generated by the MAC_PTDL process, click the Process header.

Result: All the messages generated by MAC_PTDL will be grouped together.