Set the Maximum Records Allowed in the Cor_Recstat.clg/Cor_Recstat.cl2

You can set the maximum number of records allowed in the status log file.


  1. Make sure that no CIMPLICITY processes are running.
  2. Open each of the following files.

    ...\<CIMPLICITY Installation>\data\Data\log_names.cfg

    ....\<CIMPLICITY Installation>\bsm_data\log_names_data.cfg

    ...\<Project Installation>\data\log_names.cfg

    Note: This file needs to be edited in each project's directory, for all involved projects.

  3. Add the following lines to each of the files identified above.




    Component Description
    LOG_MAXRECORDS Command for maximum records.
    S System
    P Project
    default Makes the entries the default.
    10 Length of the string that can be changed.
    Default 10
    1000 Maximum number of records that can be listed in the CIMPLICITY Log Viewer window. Note: The view can be filtered so the records you need to review will be listed.
    Default 1000
    Comment The maximum number of records has been successfully tested up to 16,000. Note: When there are large records the Log Viewer takes time to populate this high number.
    Note: If you have an existing cor_recstat.clg or cor_recstat.cl2 and:
    Increase maximum records The existing records are retained.
    Decrease maximum records If the log contains a greater number of records, the cor_recstat.cl2 (or cor_recstat.clg) is re-initialized.