4. Check Out

About this task

Check out prohibits another user from adding or checking in another version of the entity on the PCM server if Require check out before changes is checked for the project in which the checkout was made, the CIMPLICITY or computer project.

Note: Workbench Check Out toolbar buttons are available as follows:
Project Check Out
Computer Check Out

A Check Out dialog box opens when you check out a selected entity.

  • Check Out dialog box options.
  • Check Out guidelines.

Check Out Dialog Box Options

Important: If the project is running, you cannot get a copy of a base configuration entity from Change Management. You must work with the local copy until you stop the project.

Options are as follows.

Field Description
Logon User (Read only) Name of the logged on user who is checking out the entity. Note: If a user is not logged in a Change Management Logon dialog box opens, requiring an authorized user/password.
Name (Read only) Name of the entity being checked out.
Don't overwrite local files with managed copy Do one of the following: Check, Clear, Default
Important: It is highly recommended that when you:
  • Begin working on a file or set up files,  always overwrite the local files with the managed copies (Leave the checkbox clear.)
  • Take a break or are done  for the day, always check in any work that is either an in-progress or  finished project.
This enables you  to back-track if that is required and is  particularly useful  if more than one person is working with the project.

Check out Guidelines

  • If you select the project or base configuration to check out and/or get the latest copy from Change Management, this may affect more than one file in your project. Change Management determines if there are differences between the Change Management latest copy and the local copy for all effected files. If there are differences a message box reports what files are different.

Note: The Changed Files dialog box also lists files that are different before performing a get latest version .

Click one of the following.

Ok Continues the check out.
Cancel Cancels the check out.
  • If Require checkout before changes is checked in the Project Properties or Computer Properties tabs in dialog boxes are disabled to prevent configuration.

Note: Some managed files, e.g. scripts and CimEdit screens, can be opened. However, any changes made to the screen cannot be saved until it is checked out or saved as an unmanaged file.



  1. A CimEdit screen is created and added to the PCM server.
  2. The CimEdit screen is not checked out.
  3. A user attempts to open it to edit.
  4. A Check Out dialog box opens.
  5. The user clicks Cancel.

    A CimEdit Message box opens reporting:

    You are required to check out the file before you can modify it.

  6. The user
    1. Clicks OK to close the message box.
    2. Edits the CimEdit screen.
    3. Clicks the Save button.

    A Check Out dialog box opens again.

  7. The user clicks Cancel.


The CimEdit message box opens again reporting that check out is required.

The user will not be able to save the screen as a managed file until it is checked out.