8. Label

Labels enable you to create a set of easily identifiable managed entities that can be retrieved from Change Management.

Checking out or getting a labelled set retrieves the file versions that were included when the entity was labelled.

Managed entities that: Include:
Can be labelled.
  • CIMPLICITY project.
  • Computer project
  • Primary folders and icons in the Workbench left pane.
  • Screens
  • Ports
  • Resources
Cannot be labelled.
  • Individual files.
  • Managed Files folders in the Workbench left pane.
Note: The Managed Files folders are not actual directories. They only exist in the Workbench to contain all of the individually managed files.

Label options include the following.

Field Description
Logon User (Read only) Name of the logged on user who is checking out the entity. Note: If a user is not logged in a Change Management Logon dialog box opens, requiring an authorized user/password.
Name (Read only) Name of the entity being labeled.
Version (Read only) N/A
Date (Read only) N/A
Label Label that clearly identifies the entity version being added.
Note: Make sure that a label is entered if you want to view the version in the PCM History window and retrieve it.
Note: The Apply Label dialog box opens after a project or the base configuration is added or checked into the PCM server.