Point Data Integration Technical Notes

Following is a list of how CIMPLICITY handles feature variations in the two products.

Feature Description of how Handled through Integration
Point ID's Machine Edition long point ID's are supported.
Point Readings Any valid user can read point data. There are no restrictions on users accessing point data.
Setpoint Privilege Machine Edition has a privilege that allows the user to perform setpoints. This privilege is mapped to the CIMPLICITY Setpoint Privilege.
Security CIMPLICITY allows logging into View using the View User ID. Note: Connections will only be allowed using View User Ids of 32 characters or less with passwords of less than 16 characters.
EU Conversion In CIMPLICITY the client performs Engineering Unit conversions. In the Machine Edition, View will indicate that the data type of the point is REAL and send the converted value to the application instead of the raw value. Likewise, on a setpoint PTMAP will send the EU value and View will convert it back to a raw value before sending it to the device.
Duplicate Project Broadcast By default, Machine Edition will broadcast more than one project with the same name. For proper operating, the user must ensure that no two broadcasting projects have the same name. If two project broadcasts use the same name, it will not be predictable as to which project CIMPLICITY will get data from.
Project Acknowledgement Time Machine Edition broadcasts projects every 75 seconds. Therefore, it can take up to 75 seconds for a project to appear on a list of projects available for point data monitoring.
Point Updates Machine Edition uses a scan based reporting mechanism for reporting point values. As a result, CIMPLICITY will miss intermediate values of a point that changes faster than the scan rate. Note: If a point exists in CIMPLICITY and the description of the corresponding variable changes in Machine Edition, the point description does not get updated when the variable is exported from Machine Edition into CIMPLICITY.

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