Machine Integration Architecture

CIMPLICITY integration of Machine Edition point data supports two types of architecture:

  • Enterprise Server connectivity.
  • Viewer connectivity.

Enterprise Server connectivity

CIMPLICITY can use Enterprise Server architecture to interact with Machine Edition View nodes as data providers.

The CIMPLICITY Enterprise Server serves data from one or more Machine Edition projects.

Condition Enterprise Server:
Enterprise Server starts.
  • Obtains a list of exported Machine Edition points
  • Adds the Machine Edition points to the points it is serving.
Machine Edition node is restarted. Re-synchronizes the list of points
Enterprise Server point goes into demand (e.g. a Viewer starts using the point). Starts collecting the point data from the Machine Edition or CIMPLICITY node.
Important: CIMPLICITY Enterprise server architecture provides scalability. Therefore, the server can handle data distribution to hundreds of viewers while limiting the impact on the CIMPLICITY View to one request per point.

Viewer connectivity

A CIMPLICITY Viewer application can connect directly to View systems on the network without the need for an intermediate Enterprise Server.