Marquee Manager Gateway: Key Features

Marquee Manager Gateway for CIMPLICITY is a marquee administration system that allows users to easily configure various rules that once triggered will display a message to a variety of different marquees, using a simple generic language.

Key Features:

  • Local project configuration management
  • Support for both scrolling marquees and Andon type marquees
  • Support for speaker and marquee on any alarm
  • Hot reload of configuration information
  • Default messages can be configured for display when no alarms are currently active on a marquee
  • Support for embedded point values in alarm messages
  • Support for alarm values to be inserted into the alarm message
  • Multiple CIMPLICITY projects can populate a shared Marquee Server. 
  • Wrapping of alarm text messages and defaults for message lengths - may be specified per individual marquee including word wrap rules
  • If a Marquee Server connection is lost, the Gateway for CIMPLICITY will queue marquee requests until the server is back on-line.
  • Support for multiple projects per machine (Version 6.1 or higher)