Marquee Manager Gateway Glossary


Typically a GUI application, this component facilitates configuration and monitoring of a server engine. If changes are made to the server configuration the administrator notifies the engine to reload its running configuration either automatically or on user demand. An example of an administrator component is Marquee Manager Administrator.

This administrator allows you to maintain the Marquee Manager server's engine configuration.

Administrator Kit

An administrator kit contains the product's administration component only.  After installing this kit on a workstation you may utilize any of the features of the Administrator component.


Generates alarms for points that are in an alarm state.  It can generate alarm messages about system events, such as device failures, and device statuses.


Alarm class is the order in which an alarm appears relative to other alarms.  Alarms with similar characteristics are usually grouped by class.

Default Message

The message that has been configured in Marquee Manager Gateway for CIMPLICITY as the default, should the sign be cleared of all slots.

Distribution List

A Marquee Manager Server distribution list is a collection of marquees, which can be sent a message with a single transaction. Similar to an e-mail distribution list a client who initiates a transaction with a distribution list will automatically send the same message to all associated marquees.


A sign display that serves as a visualization communication tool, providing the means to display time, date and message text such as production counts, and what areas of a plant are experiencing problems.


Data that can be collected from various devices such as programmable controllers.  Point configuration defines where a point originates, how the data is collected, and what constitutes an alarm state.


The importance or priority that can be placed on each message sent to the marquee sign, with one being the highest priority and nine being the lowest priority.


The physical or conceptual units that comprise your facility and can be anything from devices and machines to stations where work is performed.

Server Kit

A server kit typically contains the server engine and administrator components. In some cases a client component is also included with this kit. The server kit is usually installed on a centralized host and is utilized by one or more clients or gateways. An example of a server kit is Marquee Manager Server. This kit contains the Marquee Manager engine, administrator and client.


A device connected to the marquee display that allows a tune to be played for alarm states of Generate, Acknowledge, or Reset.