About Script Editors

The Basic Control Engine combines the power of the CIMPLICITY event handler with a Visual Basicâ„¢ compliant language, allowing you to script and program applications and routines from the simple to the complex.

The Basic Control Engine consists of three main components.

Component Description
CimScriptIDE Editor Enables and facilitates writing C# and VB .NET scripts.
Event Editor Provides the tools to defines actions to take in response to events that occur in a process. An event can be a changing point, alarm state, or even a particular time of day. One event may invoke multiple actions, or one action may be invoked by many events.
Program Editor Provides a set of sophisticated development tools that let you create programs with a Visual Basic compliant programming language. These programs can then be executed as actions in response to events. The programming language has a rich set of nearly 500 standard Basic functions, and also provides an object interface to CIMPLICITY points, alarms, and the Status Logger, further enriching the language.
Basic Control Engine Monitors for events and executes the configured actions. The Basic Control Engine is based on a multi-threaded design that allows the system to invoke and execute multiple Visual Basic programs concurrently.