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GE’s hardware and software solutions form the core of critical infrastructure that moves, powers, and cures the world. GE’s power generation equipment creates one third of the world’s electricity and nearly half of the world’s energy is managed by GE software. GE aircraft engines power two thirds of commercial aircraft departures globally. With an installed base of more than 4 million healthcare machines, 25,000 babies are born every day and countless human lives are saved with the help of GE Healthcare equipment. Safeguarding this critical infrastructure against cyberattacks is paramount and accomplished through GE Research’s technical expertise and industry domain knowledge in three vital areas:

  • Trusted computing
  • Integrity measurement
  • Industrial control systems

GE Research has developed a security stack within our Edge operating system that protects critical infrastructure through a secure chain-of-trust with defense-in-depth. We combine trusted supply chain and trusted run-time to enable autonomic prevention, detection, and remediation of cybersecurity attacks.

GE Research’s cybersecurity team is at the forefront of developing advanced cyber protection technologies for critical infrastructure with a host of government and industry partners through strategic programs supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). A key focus is strengthening cyber protection in the emerging age of quantum computing and enabling cyber protection systems that not only rapidly detect cyber threats, but proactively neutralize them much like the human body's immune system combats viruses that invade the body.

Chain of trust to secure GE’s industrial assets that move, power, and cure the world.


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