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Human System Interaction

Human System Interaction

GE Research's experience in human computer interactions (HCI) is focused on user interfaces for industrial systems and field engineering work in remote, harsh environments. The specific research areas of HCI technology include: Intelligent User Interfaces, Natural User Interfaces, Human Robotic Interaction, Virtual/Augmented and Mixed Reality and Visual Analytics.

What is Human System Interaction (HSI)?

Human System Interaction (HSI), or Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), focuses on the design, research and development of interfaces between people and systems such as computers. HSI and HCI are multi-disciplinary fields involving computer science, behavioral science, design technology and other related fields of study.

What are the benefits of Human System Interaction (HSI)?

Many customers of GE, including large oil producers, airline operators and utility companies, have greatly benefited from GE Research's work in HCI and HSI through the construction of novel visualizations of their operational analytics, intuitive user interface-driven applications that improve the productivity of their field workers, and re-imagining the next generation of interfaces to industrial systems that include airplane cockpits, power plant control rooms and hospital operating rooms.

​​​​​​Our access to real environments and users of industrial systems in different domains has allowed GE Research's HSI team to gain critical insights into operational inefficiencies and technology limitations in harsh environments. This, in turn, has enabled our research team to develop differentiated interface technologies to various product lines, both existing and new.

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