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Renewable Reservoir

Renewable Reservoir

GE’s Renewable Energy Reservoir provides flexible and modular energy storage for AC or DC coupled systems. This innovative and standardized architecture is designed for energy, power, and renewable applications such as Solar and Wind power plants. It combines GE’s advanced technologies and expertise in controls, power electronics, battery and operational management systems, and electrical balance of plant.

While DC coupled energy storage systems are not new, it was the combination of GE Research's breadth of experiences in subjects ranging from Batteries, Advanced Power Electronics, Renewable Energies, Controls, Wide Bandgap Semiconductors, Power Systems, Mechanical, and Thermal Engineering that made the reservoir a reality. GE Research arrived at this solution after multiple brainstorming sessions with the co-located Energy Storage Business unit. GE Research being a multidisciplinary research center facilitated and sped up the research and the development phase for the renewable reservoir. GE Research built a state of the art testing site for the Reservoir containers as well as advanced test beds for all of the RR subsystems such as dc/dc converters, control cards, dc/dc solar optimizers, and battery modules.

The end solution was made robust, flexible, controllable, and able to pass stringent requirements thanks to the contribution of multiple researchers from GE Research and the business with expertise in controls, batteries, power electronics, power systems, communications, and software.

Project Impact

The Renewable Energy Reservoir is a game changer for GE Power Storage Business. It will expand their offerings from AC to DC coupled systems. It also is applicable across multiple energy sectors from generation, transmission, distribution, renewables, to hybrid thermal solutions. 

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