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Gyrocompassing in GPS Denied Environments

Gyrocompassing in GPS Denied Environments

High accuracy navigation deep underground causes significant challenges due to the lack of a GPS signal, magnetic interference, and high temperatures. The technology developed in this program enable north finding by using an inertial reference.

This is done using a gyroscope which is sensitive enough to measure the rotation of the earth. As the earth rotates, the gyroscope is used to measure the rotation along a specific direction of the gyroscope. This program uses a specially designed gyroscope to measure the earth’s rotation in harsh environments along with custom tailored electronics and packaging to maximum the performance of the device.   

Project Impact

High accuracy gyrocompassing allows for the precise navigation when GPS or magnetic compassing is compromised. In downhole applications this allows for higher precision when targeting specific geology resulting in improved oil extraction or better energy transfer for geothermal wells. Beyond downhole applications this technology can also be used to improve navigation systems for self-driving vehicles.  

What Our Clients Say

GE Aviation

MEMS is the ‘holy grail’ for tactical navigation applications.

Project roadmap

This program originated from our long history in MEMS, Electronics and Packaging and has grown to address specific challenges with industrial Gyrocompassing systems.

  1. Roadmap image
    Jan 2012

    MEMS Gyro program kicks off

  2. Roadmap image

    First GE Research MEMS Gyro

    Jan 2014
  3. Roadmap image
    Jan 2016

    Gyrocompassing with MEMS at GE Research

  4. Roadmap image

    High Temp Gyrocompassing program

    Oct 2018
  5. Roadmap image
    Oct 2018

    GPS Denied Nav Demonstrated

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