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Accelerating Knowledge-Driven Solutions

Accelerating Knowledge-Driven Solutions

There exist few tools for expert and non-expert users to rapidly explore, query and manage semantic data in knowledge graphs. We have developed a suite of toolkits that provide a strong foundation for modeling domain knowledge and building knowledge-driven applications, and have open-sourced two of these tools. The Semantic Application Design Language (SADL) allows users to author and view domain models in a structured English-like language understandable by domain experts without requiring expertise in semantics. The Semantics Toolkit (SemTK) facilitates the development of knowledge-driven applications by enabling visual model exploration, automatic pathfinding and query building, and providing a suite of API’s to interact with digitized domain knowledge. Together, these tools enable us to rapidly prototype, develop and deploy knowledge-driven solutions for a variety of industrial and biomedical applications.

Project Impact

Through these tools we have made significant contributions to applications such as:

(i) Analysis of Semantic Specifications and Efficient generation of Requirements-based Tests (ASSERT) for GE Aviation Systems to perform verification and validation of software and system requirements to ensure they are complete and consistent before development begins, significantly reducing software development cost and time
(ii) Cyber Assured Systems Engineering (CASE), a DARPA program to drive cyber resiliency
(iii) TEDS, the Turbine Engineering Data System for GE Power, to enable knowledge-driven integration and access to gas turbine test datasets, reducing data access times from days to minutes.

What Our Clients Say

GE Aviation

The ASSERT tool… greatly improves the accuracy of requirements and removes ambiguity, issues which have long plagued traditional implementation and verification activities. C. McMillan, GE Aviation

Project roadmap

Accelerating Knowledge-Drive Solutions

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    Jan 2008

    1st open source release of SADL

  2. Roadmap image

    1st open source release of SemTK

    Jan 2016
  3. Roadmap image
    Jan 2016

    Production launch of ASSERT tool suite

  4. Roadmap image

    Production launch of TEDS using SemTK

    Jan 2018
  • Our Expertise

    Capabilities utilized for Accelerating Knowledge-Driven Solutions project

  • Knowledge Management & Big Data

    Applying semantic modeling, text mining and Big Data to capture and digitize industrial domain knowledge for human and machine use

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  • Machine Learning

    Developing and scaling machine learning solutions for industrial applications to facilitate continuous learning, adaptation and improvement in dynamic operating environments

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