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Yakov Polishchuk

BS, Electrical Engineering

Yakov Polishchuk is a Lead Electrical Engineer in the Robotics Breakout at GE Research focusing on electro-mechanical system design, development and integration. In this role he has integrated mobile robotic platforms with sensors and manipulators, designed and fabricated payloads for aerial systems and developed miniature robots for industrial asset inspection and repair. His current passion is to push prototype robotic systems through the ‘valley of death’ to fully functional production ready systems.  

Upon completion of his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Yakov joined GE Research. Over the past ten years he has worked on projects ranging from Li-ion battery packs for electric cars to creating tissue phantoms for electro-impedance spectroscopy research. He has 3 patents from his industrial inspection work which has yielded a suite of inspection tools manufactured under license and deployed in the field.

Yakov likes soccer, Jiu-Jitsu, chess, and long walks on the beach. He lives in Niskayuna with his wife and 3 kids. He also proudly holds the self-imposed moniker of “Robot Whisperer” due to a statistically significant (definitively not causal) positive correlation between proximity to robots and the robots’ functionality.

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