Vidyashankar Buravalla

PhD, Aerospace Engineering (Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru) ME, Mechanics and Design (Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur) BE, Mechanical Engineering (Bangalore)

Shankar is currently a Principal Engineer in GE Research.  His broad areas of expertise include, mechanics of materials, and structures, fatigue and fracture and smart materials and devices. He has made significant contributions to key programs in GE technology and product development. He has won many awards that includes GE India Innovation Award-in 2017 and 2018, Engineering Recognition Day Award-2018 by Aviation and Michael Idelchik Award 2018.

Prior to joining GE, Shankar worked in GM R&D (~10 yrs), Rolls-Royce Technology Center, UK (3 yrs), Infosys (1 yr) and ADA (3 yrs). With this rich and high bandwidth expertise in mechanical systems like fighter aircrafts, aero-engines and automobiles, Shankar developed interest and expertise in systems thinking.  Shankar received the John Campbell award for innovation in GM R&D in 2010.

Shankar has more than 15 patents, 15 patent applications, 50+ papers in international journals and conferences.

Shankar has a Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering from IISc, M.Tech. in Mechanics and Design from IIT-Kanpur and BE in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore Univ. Shankar has an extensive network of academicians and industry experts in the broad area of mechanical engineering and is also currently Honorary Secretary of Institute of Smart Structures and Systems (India).

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