Thomas Vandeputte

MS, Mechanical Engineering (Virginia Tech) BS, Mechanical Engineering (Bucknell University)

Thomas Vandeputte is a Principal Engineer at GE Research in the Thermosciences organization, leading technology development efforts for the GE Research turbine aerodynamics team.

Mr. Vandeputte develops advanced technologies for improving turbine aero-thermal performance using traditional RANS/URANS based CFD and higher resolution CFD modeling, such as hybrid LES. He collaborates closely with GE Research's experimental aerodynamics lab to develop validation plans for many of these technologies, focusing on verification of performance gains, understanding of the physical mechanisms driving those gains, and improvement of CFD predictive capability.

Mr. Vandeputte’s areas of active research focus on design for unsteadiness, additive-enabled advanced airfoil features to reduce tip and trailing edge losses, aero-thermal optimization, and integration of machine learning methods with CFD-based turbine design. Mr. Vandeputte has nearly 18 years of experience within GE, all of which have been in the fields of turbine aerodynamics and CFD application to turbine design.

Prior to his time at GE Research, Mr. Vandeputte worked in GE’s Power business for 10 years in various turbine aerodynamics roles, the last four of which were as the Engineering Technical Leader for turbine aerodynamic design. Mr. Vandeputte holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Bucknell University and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech. He is an inventor or co-inventor on several patents related to turbine airfoils and aerodynamic technologies.



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