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John Nelson

BS, Microbiology (Purdue University) MS, Molecular Biology (University of Rochester) PhD, Molecular Biology (University of Rochester)

As a Senior Principal Scientist within GE, John leads the development of novel equipment and consumables that can be used by the life science and diagnostic communities.

John started his career characterizing DNA polymerase's, and since coming to GE has been involved in the development of many products, including the MegaBACE™ DNA Sequencing Platform, the Codelink™ Microarray Platform, The DYEnamic™ ET Terminator Automated DNA Sequencing Kit, and the TempliPhi™ and GenomiPhi™ DNA Amplification Kits.

His track record for development of useful molecular biology methods that transition into the research field is excellent, with a rich portfolio of advances. John is also one of the inventors of terminal phosphate labeled nucleotides used by some next-generation DNA sequencing platforms.

In addition to a role in project leadership on internal GE projects, John has been Principal Investigator on five external grants as well as a key member of numerous grants. He also participates as a mentor, and scientific consultant for a wide range of internal projects. John is a regular ad-hoc NIH-NHGRI, NIH-SBIR and NIJ grant reviewer, serving on 32 study sections in the past 9 years (chairing three). He is currently involved with projects to amplify DNA from trace samples such as forensic samples, individual microbes, circulating DNA, circulating tumor cells, and DNA from FFPE, as well as the development of rolling circle amplification to generate bulk DNA to be used in DNA.

John has a B.S. in Microbiology from Purdue University, and M.S. and Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from University of Rochester.

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