Denise Anderson

BS, Chemistry (The College of Saint Rose)

Denise as the technology manager leads a team of analytical & microanalysis scientist delivering materials characterization solutions for GE’s current and past industrial businesses covering a wide array of materials from high temperature alloys & ceramics to biological & organic materials. The technical areas that she leads include imaging & microanalysis, surface analysis, structural analysis, organic analysis, elemental analysis, and thermal and mechanical analysis.

Prior to this role, Denise developed a deep understanding of analytical method development with extensive experience in trace metals analysis, she has deep domain expertise in several analytical and sample decomposition techniques. She also has experience working at Nuclear BWR sites and leading diverse teams, and currently holds the position of Radiation Chair for GE Research.

Denise has been recognized by General Electric for her technical achievements and currently holds seven Whitney Awards which is GE’s highest R&D technical achievement team award.  

"Never under estimate what you can do if given the opportunity. Strive to push yourself each and every day and unleash your hidden potential"

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