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Taking Flight Simulation Data to New Heights: GE Digital and FlightSafety International Extend Partnership

April 19, 2023
  • GE Digital and FlightSafety International (FSI) partner to optimize flight simulator data
  • FSI is a global leader in aviation training and simulation
  • Collaboration promises to increase effectiveness of pilot training scenarios using advanced data analysis

SAN RAMON, Calif. – APRIL 19, 2023 – GE Digital, a leading provider of aviation software, has extended its partnership with FlightSafety International (FSI), a global leader in aviation training and simulation.

As part of this collaboration, FSI will use GE Digital’s Flight Analytics platform to analyze data produced by its flight simulators, which are among the most advanced in the industry. Used as a pilot training tool by commercial, government, and military organizations, FSI’s immersive technology is backed by decades of experience and world-class engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

By using GE Digital’s expertise in data analytics, FSI will be able to increase the performance and safety of its services helping to improve pilot performance, safety, and training effectiveness. New insights will allow FSI to enhance the performance of its flight simulators and deliver training via improved training scenarios.

“Sophisticated flight simulator technology has become critical to train pilots and help them deal with real-world scenarios, such as technical faults or adverse weather events,” said Andrew Coleman, General Manager of GE Digital’s Aviation Software business.

“GE Digital’s Flight Analytics platform will help FSI unlock new, data-driven insights from our simulators. Combining the two technologies is a big step towards helping to enhance the pilot training process, including everything from improving decision-making, reducing errors, and enhancing safety and efficiency,” said Richard Meikle, Executive Vice President of Operations and Safety at FSI.

GE Digital’s Flight Analytics platform helps airline operators, managers, and pilots improve flight safety using aircraft wide time series flight data and analytics derived from this data. In turn, this empowers them to optimize operating procedures, reduce risk, and lower carbon emissions.

The solution also enhances sustainable initiatives by providing fuel efficiency analytics to help operators fly both safely and efficiently, identifying cost-saving opportunities and quantifying the results.

More information about GE Digital software for the aviation industry here.

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