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Proficy Historian

Video: How to Install Proficy Historian

2 mins

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Watch this video to learn how to install your Historian Server.

Proficy Historian has some powerful features. These include an Excel Add-in for Operations Hub, a common UAA, optional installation for Web-based components, a new MQTT Collector, new JAVA APIs, enhanced REST APIs, and enhanced APIs to track Version of Collectors.

Proficy Historian

Data Historian screenshot | GE Digital | Compression Algorithms

Proficy Historian

Proficy Historian is a best-in-class historian software solution that collects industrial time-series and A&E data at very high speed, stores it efficiently and securely, distributes it, and allows for fast retrieval and analysis —driving greater business value. 

Data Historian screenshot | GE Digital | Data Aggregation

Technical Documentation

Historian is a high-performance data archiving system designed to collect, store, and retrieve time-based information at extremely high speed. Understand the technical requirements for this system.