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Proficy Plant Applications: MES Operator View

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Welcome to the New MES: Proficy Plant Applications with Proficy Operations Hub (Video 3 of 5)

How are you finding manufacturing capacity to produce what the market wants, when it wants it, and at increasingly higher quality? Check out Proficy Plant Applications from GE Digital, the world’s first MES for process, discrete, and mixed manufacturing environments. Our latest version increases efficiency with easy customization.

The out-of-the-box Operator Screen can show only the information that a particular operator needs, including downtime reasons and duration for a machine. With this functionality, Proficy Plant Applications helps increase efficiency and ease root cause analysis.

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Welcome to the new MES

Explore Proficy Plant Applications with Proficy Operations Hub and see how GE Digital can help you optimize your manufacturing operations.

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Proficy Plant Applications

Improve efficiency, production management and quality with a proven, modular MES for process, discrete and mixed manufacturing data.

GE Digital Proficy software helps bottling and beverage manufacturers improve operations
Proficy Plant Applications


Manage and optimize your operations with GE Proficy Plant Applications software. Learn how from the software documentation.


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