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Navigate Your Way to the Perfect Flight

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Here we are.  A spec in a vast universe of carbon contributors, charging toward the goal of a net zero aviation industry by 2050. Sustainable aviation fuel and new technologies are key to achieving that in the long term. But we’re 28 years away, with a lot of early progress and still a long road ahead.

What if we didn’t have to wait that long?  What if we could get there faster, using data already available to us?  That’s what we’re focused on and it’s working.

For example, current Fuel Insight core customers can save an average of ½ ton of CO2 per flight. With the FAA servicing 45,000 flights per day in the US, using our fuel savings procedures, there’s an opportunity to save an average of 29,000 tons of CO2 per flight per day.  That’s equivalent to planting 1 million trees with a life span of 100 years per day.

GE’s digital suite of Aviation software solutions is designed to work together to address key areas of your operations that impact your ability to achieve peak environmental efficiency.

Navigate your way to a perfect flight with GE Digital Aviation Software.

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Let GE Digital help you reach your net carbon goals faster