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Energy Transition

The Future of Energy: Industrial Software’s Role in the Energy Transition

3 mins

Content overview
  • We're living through one of the biggest foundational industry transformations in history.
  • We're bringing to bear the most powerful technologies of our time.
  • The transition to clean energy is the most compelling imperative on the planet.

Video details

The energy landscape will change more in the next 10 years than it did in the previous 100. Four GE Digital leaders discuss how industrial software can help modernize the grid so utilities and power generators can provide sustainable, reliable and affordable power to consumers.

Energy's Transition

Renewables and the Future of Energy | Grid Modernization | GE Digital

Software is mission critical

Digitization will be key to making power-generating assets more efficient, the electric grid more secure and resilient, the aviation industry more sustainable, and helping manufacturers reduce waste.

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