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Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS)

DistribuTECH+ 2021: EVS, Smart Cities and DERMS

58 mins

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Hear Deepal Rodrigo, Senior Manager, Grid Architecture, Grid Control Systems Group at Florida Power & Light Company and Jesse Gantz, Senior Product Manager, Renewables and DER Orchestration at GE Digital’s Grid Software as they discuss Adoption of Electric Vehicles into Utility Operational Landscape: A Use Case for Vehicle to Grid (V2G) in Grid Management Systems using IEEE 2030.5.

This presentation is part of the Distributech+ 2021 series.

Manage and orchestrate renewables and DERs end-to-end

Software solutions for renewable energy providers | GE

GE Digital’s Renewables & DER Orchestration solutions enable utilities to manage and orchestrate these resources in an end-to-end manner, from planning through to control, via a range of flexible deployment options from on-prem to cloud.


Our software provides operators with the requisite tools and situational intelligence to recognize developing situations and act quickly and decisively, orchestrating flexibility across the grid for both utility and non-utility resources, while unlocking new revenue streams.

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