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Proficy HMI / SCADA

Building a Digital Factory

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Whirlpool (China) Co., Ltd meets the needs of product quality and on-time delivery with an MES / automation / SCADA solution from GE Digital, developed and implemented on a tight four-month timeline by GE Digital’s Professional Services team.

Whirlpool China produces refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances, and small appliances. Working with GE Digital, Whirlpool wanted to build its new dishwasher plant as the digitization benchmark of the company.

Meeting the needs of global consumers, this modern plant is 80% automated and includes stamping, parts manufacturing, final assembly, and intelligent warehouse. The solution provides operations management, data traceability, collection of key information on components and processes, and automatic material system traceability.


  • On-time project delivery, leveraging cloud MES for rapid deployment
  • Manufacturing optimized for greatest efficiency and quality in a continuous flow design
  • GE Digital solution supports on-time delivery to Whirlpool’s customers - Modern Smart Factory as a model for other plants and leverages Industry 4.0 concepts
  • Ability to expand the system to other Whirlpool plants
  • Enterprise-wide visibility for improved decision making
  • Integration across equipment for plant-wide monitoring and control, including 25 six-axis machines
  • Quick response and tracking: The response time of all machining is less than 200ms. The response time is less than 500ms for any cloud functions shown on the on-site clients.
  • Mass production: Support for one assembly line, three subassembly lines, and five automatic component lines. The current job rate reached 45s or 80 Jobs Per Hour (JPH), and the design rate is 35s or 103 JPH.

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