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GridOS® Orchestration Software

Using Cloud Technologies for Grid App Deployment Flexibility

Using Cloud Technologies to Unlock Deployment Flexibility

Grid applications of today and tomorrow must be able to be deployed and scaled wherever the application is needed, whether on-prem, in the cloud (public and private), in hybrid/multiple environments, or at grid edge. One of the best ways to unlock this type of deployment flexibility is by investing in cloud technologies.

In this insightful webinar, experts from GE Vernova and partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) will explore strategies for leveraging cloud to ensure a reliable, secure, and economical grid.


Ranjan Banerji
Principal Partner Solutions Architect Power and Utilities
GE Digital Grid Software

Brian Hoff
VP of Product Management Planning Applications
GE Vernova Grid Software

Mike Unum
Principal Digital Product Manager GridOS®
GE Vernova Grid Software

Jay Shah
Director of Product Marketing Distribution and GridOS®
GE Vernova Grid Software