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Unlocking advanced OT use cases with data integration

Webinar GridOS Connect

Operating a reliable and resilient grid requires unlocking the power of data – and by extension, unlocking critical, advanced OT use cases like:

  • Informing distribution optimization with AMI data with greater observability and improved accuracy of power flow
  • Using AMI data and topology data to pinpoint outages accurately
  • Optimizing asset health with predictive maintenance
  • Improve network model accuracy by integrating AMI, topology, and GIS data
  • And more

But energy data is bigger, generates faster, and is more dispersed and siloed than ever before, making it an immense challenge to harness it.

But this challenge is not impossible. All it takes to unlock and unleash your energy data is the right solution – one that can bridge silos and offer faster access to data.

In this OT-centric webinar, learn more about OT use cases enabled by GridOS Connect® – our data integration engine that connects data from the various applications and services across transmission, distribution, and the grid edge.

GridOS Connect enables faster integration of data – structured and unstructured, from inside and outside the enterprise, and across OT and IT – at scale. This makes managing data integration more self-service (via low-code environments) to connect internal and external energy data sources. The webinar will also show how GridOS Connect serves as a launchpad from which you can build a distributed energy data foundation to drive innovation.


Webcast Speakers:

Richard Sarti

Craig Cavanaugh
Intelligent Grid Solutions, TRC

Thorsten Heller
Chief Innovation Officer, GridOS
GE Vernova

Jay Shah (Moderator)
Director of Product Marketing
GE Vernova