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Systems Integrator Update: iFIX 2024

Systems Integrator Update: iFIX 2024

Learn about the exciting new 2024 iFIX HMI/SCADA features – including centralized management tools designed to streamline deployment and management processes, enhanced performance scalability of alarm generation and distribution, and the benefits of tag pooling. Plus, get insights into our new license model and future roadmap.

iFIX 2024 and new generation HMI/SCADA for Connected Workers, faster centralized configuration & flexible deployment offers:

  • Enhanced visualization with aspect ratio-based scaling and click zones
  • Time savings with centralized license management and central registration improvements
  • The ability to speed the right actions with improved alarm management: up to 80% reduction in alarm generation & distribution time during alarm floods, Workspace startup performance enhancements for up to 80% improvement, security areas flexibility, alarm counters evolution, and alarm analytics

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