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Proficy Smart Factory - MES Solutions

Smart Factory for First Time Right: Use Manufacturing MES to Manage Orders, Non-Conformance and Traceability

First Time Right with MES

In the Smart Factory, digitized route operations, work instructions, BOMs, and specifications help manufacturers to prevent operators from making mistakes – supporting first time right.

Today’s Smart Factory also uses rich non-conformance capabilities for receiving inspection and order execution to handle issues immediately and efficiently, reducing the high cost of repair/rework and capturing valuable insights to reduce future quality incidents.

Part of the “OT Insights for IT” series from GE Digital, this video features a leading manufacturing IT expert sharing guidance to enable today’s Smart Factory and:

  • Track actual labor with digitized records by type (setup, running, rework, etc.)
  • Keep ERP up to date in real time – reducing raw material, WIP, and finished goods inventory and achieving more accurate scheduling, shipping dates, and customer service responses
  • Manage orders and WIP: Prioritize, view instant status, summary, full history
  • Manage routes: Operations, documents, BOM, properties
  • Deliver genealogy/traceability: BOM, material consumption, quality parameters, etc.
  • Manage non-conformance and drive root cause analysis
  • Provide the right UX to the right persona: assembly, component, job shops

Learn more about GE Digital’s Proficy Smart Factory innovation featuring analyst-recommended Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software