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Power Plant Remote Operations: Prioritize Safety & Efficiency, Develop LOTO Procedure

Remote Operations by GE Digital for Power Generators

Recent health concerns are propelling power generators to re-evaluate emergency preparedness, control procedures, and the need to operate reliably with limited on-site staff. Secure access to HMI plant controls can allow remote operators and technicians to aid, extend and significantly reduce on-site staff – all while maintaining reliability and compliance.

GE Remote Operations is a turnkey solution that provides secure remote/mobile access to on-site HMI monitoring and control functions. With uses ranging from emergency operations – to permanent remote/centralized functions – to completely un-manned site operations, generators can adopt a distributed operating model suitable for today’s needs and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Watch this webinar and learn how responding to current heath and safety challenges can also be the catalyst towards a new, lower cost operating model emphasizing staff flexibility and efficiency. GE Digital operations experts and our technology partner, Xona, will discuss how generators are responding to today’s crisis and opportunity, review case studies, and demonstrate the powerful user and security features of Remote Operations.

Secure and compliant remote operations

GE Digital software provides remote operations for power generatorsGE Digital software provides remote operations for power generators

Deploy without unit shutdown

Remote Operations is a packaged software and appliance solution that provides remote/mobile operator access to essential on-site HMI monitoring and control functions. A unique secure network system, hard-token credentials and granular access controls ensure that remote, mobile and on-site operators can work independently or together in a secure and NERC-CIP compliant environment.

Want to see remote operations in action?