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On-Demand Webinar

Improving Airspace Efficiency

Airspace efficiency webinar

Airspace Insight helps improve flightpath navigation and identify inefficiencies in an airspace to potentially reduce the overall time between destinations and decrease carbon emissions. It is estimated that a typical flight emits 900 to 1,000 kg of excess carbon per flight due to inefficient airspace design and air traffic control practices*. Airspace Insight is the first tool of its kind enabling a collaborative approach between all necessary stakeholders (Air traffic control (ATC), airlines, airports, airspace designers, and communities) to not only identify inefficiencies in an airspace, but also to recognize unnecessary flight paths over environmentally sensitive areas – helping reduce the impact of noise and pollution.


In this webinar you'll learn more about how Airspace Insight:

  • Enables stakeholder collaboration on sustainability improvements in airspaces
  • Provides access to visualizations and metrics to help Air Traffic Control, airlines, and airports find efficiencies to increase sustainability
  • Helps quantify carbon benefits associated with many potential airspace solutions