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GridOS® Orchestration Software

GridOS WAMS: Empowering the Energy Transition

Building modern control room webinar

This webinar discusses the increasing relevance of Synchrophasor and Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS) technology in the context of the energy transition. It highlights the challenges posed by the higher penetration of inverter-based renewable resources, which impact grid stability and dynamics, necessitating the use of WAMS for monitoring and analysis. In the last 2 decades, Phasor Measurement Units (PMU) have become widely available through new relays and digital fault recorders, creating more opportunities for WAMS adoption by utilities. With over 20 years of experience, GE has introduced WAMS technology to the control rooms and back-office engineering offices of over 50 utilities. GE WAMS is transitioning to GridOS® to leverage its scalability and composability to be ready for increasing data volumes and evolving application needs. This webinar aims to inform attendees about the new WAMS applications available on GridOS and the transition roadmap for migrating existing WAMS capabilities onto this platform.